Exterior Brick Painting in Peachtree City, GA 

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Get A New Look With Brick Painting in Peachtree City, GA

A great building structure is not enough. The exterior of your house is exposed to harsh elements, yet it gives the first impression of the quality and taste of the owner, it is the curb appeal that you so often hear about.


You need the right kind of paint to accentuate the beauty of your house. No matter what the inside of your house looks like, you want to have the best exterior look for your neighborhood. Proper painting and staining techniques will get your house to the best possible standards that you desire and beyond.


That final touch on the exterior brick is everything, especially when you have put much effort into creating a standard interior. Here at One Touch Painting, we know beauty is in the painting, and we offer the best services in all of Peachtree city.

Your Building Is Not Complete Without Painting

A good paint job showcases the finished product of a building’s finished look. Your building project isn’t complete until you get it painted to harmonize every part of the structure.


Get the best brick painting for your exterior walls, trim, and wood in Peachtree City. We give you the best finishing touch to complement and perfect the work’s quality put into the building from scratch.

Create a New Look by Repainting

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Time wears down everything, even your exterior wall and brick paint. But with One Touch Painting, there is no need to stress over that worn-out painted look. We can make it all brand new again, giving you the best home makeover you have seen yet.


We could give your home or building a new feel by creating an entirely new look for your existing building. No room for boring and outdated looks with One Touch Painting; we can spice things up by adding color to your apartments and buildings.

What We Do: We Create Great Curb Appeal With Paint

Look at this house we painted. The brick facade was getting worn and tired looking. The siding and brick were almost the same color, too, and that just made this customer’s house look bland and boring (their words, not mine!)

This client asked us to come and make their house stand out. So we analyzed the house, took a look at the neighborhood to make sure that the aesthetic of the area would work with the colors we suggested and got him a free quote for the job. This customer and his wife loved the idea of complementary colors and the darker gray paint color that would give more contrast to their home.

In the end, these people got a fantastic paint job at a great price and we are so satisfied with how it turned out. We can do the same for your home anywhere in Fayette County, so give us a call.

Dream It. We Will Paint It!

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It’s okay to imagine that elegant structure with new exterior paint, because we are here to bring it to reality. We use our creative minds and talented hands to transform the brick on your home or even a commercial building, to exactly as you have imagined it.


Quality is what we deliver. We go the extra length to use the best materials and resources for the most durable and high-quality painting. We do all of this at affordable prices without compromising quality.


To get the right kind of staining, finishing, refinishing, and painting, you should use Peachtree City’s best painting service. Beauty and comfort define a home, and we can give you both at One Touch Painting. 

Give us a call today at (678) 622-6884, and let us make your home beautiful with a single touch.



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December 14, 2020